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Jon-Michael Saenz

Jon-Michael Saenz

This week, the Spotlight is on Jon-Michael Saenz, a formidible Jonathan Edwards IM Player who played a big role in bringing JE back into contention for the Tyng Cup. Having participated in over a dozen IMs last year, he has taken part in Co-Ed Football, Co-Ed Volleyball, and soccer so far.

Best IM Moment:

Throwing the winning touchdown pass to Eric Jones JE’12 in the first Co-Ed Football game of the season.

Worst IM Moment:

Last year in Co-Ed volleyball, when I caught a volleyball in between my arms last while trying to return a serve, and then falling onto my back.

Secret to success:

No IM Team could make it without serious participation and enthusiasm from everyone in the college. This usually involves forcing all your friends to come out and kick ass.

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