Herald Volume LXIII Issue 12: The Literary Issue

Friends and Enemies—

April: no longer the cruelest month. In addition to the rain and promise of flowers in May, it commemorates a number of important things, including sexual assault awareness, autism awareness, and poetry, to name a few. As April comes to a close, we are proud to publish a number of pieces that honor the month’s significance. In this issue, Vicky, TD ’19, writes on touch, intimacy, and PTSD—and we’d like to note that this piece comes with a content warning, so please take care of yourselves as you read. Jasmine Stone speaks about her brother’s Asperger’s syndrome. And we are elated to bring you a host of wonderful poems by Ashia Ajani, TD ’19, Rachel Calnek-Sugin, SM ’19, Griffin Brown, TC ’18, Pablo Uribe, DC ’18, Stefani Kuo, PC ’17, and Patrick Shea, BK ’19.

For many on this campus and around the world, April is also a spiritual month, with celebrations of Ramanavani, Passover, and Easter taking place in innumerable homes, temples, synagogues and churches. In keeping with this, we at the Herald are excited to present you with a scene by Marc Shkurovich, BK ’19, and a section of The Passover Question by Erica Wachs, JE ’18, in a marvelous pairing of plays that both deal with questions of Jewish identity—at a minyan in a contemporary synagogue and at Gertrude Stein’s seder.

As we move from the mayhem of final classes and prefrosh, I hope you take the chance to sit back, relax, and read each piece in its entirety. You deserve it.



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