Fashion: YEEZY SEASON 1 for Adidas Originals

“I’m here to crack the pavement,” Kanye West de­clared during the fashion show for his new collabora­tion with Adidas. “I want to create something better for you. We have been limited.”

Each model for YEEZY SEASON 1 for Adidas Origi­nals wore minimal makeup and a skin-tone bodysuit under one or two articles of clothing and a pair of boots or sneakers. With dark camouflage patterns, oversized jackets, ragged knitwear, neutral colors, and military-inspired vests, the overall aesthetic is post-apocalyptic. The see-through body suits, however, give the illusion of nakedness under a tough exterior.

It’s unclear whether West’s YEEZY SEASON 1 truly cracks the pavement or falls flat. West identifies himself as a genius and a creative visionary both in his music and his artistic endeavors, and it has made him a polarizing cultural force. How could anyone remain neutral about a man whose song titles include “I am a God”? West’s new fashion line has been received with amused criticism, scathing critique, and gushing praise. Although it’s not clear what to think about West’s new line, West has never shied away from provocative art; after all, as he quotes in “Ni**as in Paris,” “No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative. Gets the people going.” YEEZY SEASON 1 is definitely provocative. But would I wear it? Probably not.

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