FOOD: Dee Asian Diner

Cheap pan-Asian food is fast. Fast food is gross. Food is necessary. By the transitive property, cheap pan-Asian fast food is fast, necessary, and gross. BUT WAIT. Dee Asian Kitchen on Temple Street is adjacent to Chipotle and exponentially more worthwhile, delicious, cheap, diverse in offerings, and quick in service.

It’s the kind of warm, savory-smelling pan-Asian place that inspires overtly sexual food dreams. The women who work at Dee’s cash register look like they want to serve you your food while simultaneously asking how your day went and if you’d please enjoy a complementary $1,000 worth of puppies and ice cream, all of which they’d provide had they free time or ample trust funds.

But they have neither. They do, however, have incredible shrimp jade shu mai, pillowy soft taro buns, and sumptuous noodle soups. Their dim sum style dishes are $2.75 across the board. Bubble tea’s just under $3. Their mochi, unlike The Mochi Store’s, does not taste like rock solid milk enrobed in cellophane topped with dried and flaked cat saliva.


Just a few caveats:

1. If you think you’re hungry enough for two dishes, order five. What the hell, you

deserve it.

2. Bring at least four friends. This place gets recreational after your 23rd dumpling.

3. The salad with the avocado dressing and the shrimp balls. My god. A religious                 experience, especially for any self-respecting Jew around the holidays.


The moral of the story is this: the transitive property doesn’t always work. So is it still a property? Who cares! Have a shu mai.


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