Staff list: January 31, 2014

What we’re listening to: Wet. I don’t just like Wet because they have a song called “Dreams” and that makes me giggle. I like Wet because in spite of how young of a band they are, they have the effortless charm and intimacy of indie bedroom-core groups like The xx and Rhye while still sounding fresh. Don’t miss out on them—rumor has it they’re coming to a Yale venue soon.

What we’re indignant about: Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy snub. I should know better than to be upset by anything that happens at the Grammys at this point, but making Kendrick perform with Imagine Dragons and then lose to Macklemore in the same night seems like it should be illegal to broadcast.

What we’re looking forward to: the Superbowl. Sitting down to watch the Seahawks vs. the 49ers with my suite might have been the best impulse decision I’ve ever made besides buying Beyonce’s latest album. Who knew that watching 20 slow-motion replays of someone tearing their ACL could be so enthralling, or that Richard Sherman would become my favorite human being after one loud interview? Is this what being at the Colosseum was like? I will be watching the Superbowl for way more than the commercials this year (side note: this is a joke, and people who say they only watch the Superbowl for commercials are and always will be the worst).

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