Herald Volume LXIII Issue 3: Valentine’s Day


My dearest darlings,

Happy holiday, you fucks. In this time of romantic love and Type 2 diabetes, I’d like to play the section asshole for a second and push back on this whole Valentine’s thing. Who is St. Valentine? Why do we care? Don’t we give couples enough attention? How does Sushi on Chapel accommodate literally all of them every year? If you can’t tell, this is a loveless time in my life, but I’m just a generally bitter person, not bitter because of Valentine’s Day. In fact, I think celebrating love and connection is important, but maybe it’s time to rethink the way we do that.

In lieu of writing a complete op-ed in this letter, I direct you to “A Feminist Vagentine,” in which Emma Speer, BK ’17, articulates my exact thoughts on this divisive day. Then cuddle up with Lulu Klebanoff, CC ’20, as she anxiously awaits genuine queer relationships on film. Elsewhere, Lora Kelley , DC ’17, chats with sexpert Eileen Kelly, and Marc Shkurovich, BK ’19, peeks behind the Insta-curtain with ustillup_yale.

There is no shortage of gems in this issue, so share them with a loved one or consume them on your own. Whatever you decide, you deserve a Caterpillar Roll this Tuesday.

With all the love I’m not spending on a boyfriend,

Emma Chanen
Managing Editor

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