Herald Volume LXII Issue 3

Hola, amigos,

Remember the presidential debate? Don’t remember the presidential debate, because you consumed so much alcohol that your hippocampus gave up on fixing memories? You missed a good time, including an entirely unprompted tangent about Rosie O’Donnell and an involved discussion of beauty pageants. The American Experiment is flourishing.

One of the more substantive parts of the debate was Donald Trump reminding us that apparently we’re still talking about stop and frisk as a policy option. But New York is far from alone in its history of racially discriminatory policing; the pattern is nationwide, and the Elm City is no exception. You should read Carmen Baskauf’s SY ’17 front about community policing and racial profiling in New Haven.

Then, the Trump train continues in this issue of the Herald, with Kate Cray, SM ’19, chronicling the Great Trump Schism of 2016 in the Yale conservative sphere. If you like your objectionable rich New Yorkers a little more vintage, Emma Chanen, TD ’19, has what you need with some fine archival research about one of our venerable institution’s many Dwights. And if you’re looking to forget that these are truly the end times and we are living in Hell, Noah Silvestry, BR ’19, has a lot of feelings about Wilco’s latest outing, “Schmilco.”  

Get to reading, pal! Who knows how much longer we’ll have books?


Victorio Cabrera

Managing Editor

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