2. Best campus rep

At home, I drink about eight liters of seltzer a day. This is in part because I think I probably have a pretty serious issue with acid reflux but also because there is nothing more deli- cious or refreshing than carbonated water. (I can also tell the difference between different brands based on a blind test, so if you are looking for some fun hit me up ;D). For this reason, I am SO MAD that I was not invited to the Seltzer Lovers Association’s Official SodaStream party. For those of you who are unaware, a SodaStream is an at-home seltzer maker; you can use flavor packets if you are the worst, but otherwise it is the perfect way to have constant carbonation. According to Joey Yagoda, “co-founder” of the Yale Seltzer Lover Association (not a recognized Yale student organiza- tion, although they do have a panlist), they won a SodaS- tream from in order to hold a SodaStream themed party! The Seltzer Lovers were all over social media promoting their SodaStream, making everyone who follows them crave seltzer like nothing else. Way to be the best cam- pus rep, but next time hit me up with an invitation.