8. Best family bonding

Last spring, my younger brother and I enrolled in SCIE 141b (Science and Pseudoscience) together. We’d never been in a class with each other. The seminar was pretty small, but the unreal thing was that the three profs team- teaching the thing never seemed to figure out that we hap- pened to be related. Which was especially comedic when one of them kept discussing evolution in terms of common ancestry—“Some of us,” he would say, “have a closer com- mon ancestor than others.” I swear he had NO idea just how many common ancestors Joe and I have in common. It was unreal.

The course was worth it a little for the science credit but mostly because of how happy it made my mother. I don’t know if the family that takes science-for-non-science-major classes together sticks together, but I can tell you that par- ents LOVE it. Pseudoscience, but real fun for the whole family.