Herald Volume LXIII Issue 2

Hi all,

When I came home for winter break this year and walked into my younger sister’s room, the first thing I noticed was a new painting hanging on her walla woman’s heavily made-up face with the caption, “Not today, Satan.” I asked my sister about it. “Oh, that? It’s a watercolor I did of Bianca Del Rio, my favorite queen from RuPaul’s drag race.” She raised her eyebrows. “Duh.”

New Haven’s own drag community gets the spotlight in this week’s front. Tom Cusano, TC ’18, depicts a scene that is at once a place of outrageous performance, fierce competition, self-expression, and family: a scene that has persisted despite changes in New Haven’s gay institutions.

Community and resilience find homes in other pieces within this issue.  Nolan Phillips, TC ’18, stands in solidarity on Cross Campus at the candlelight vigil against Trump’s Muslim Ban. Travis Deshong, BR ’19, roots for the group of Black women teaching NASA a thing or two about math and computer science in his review of Hidden Figures.  And Margaret (Migs) Grabar Sage, ES ’19, pounds brews with bros while bravely disrupting an all-male space.

I don’t need to tell you about the terrible things happening that feel out of our control. But many of the pieces this week demonstrate the genuine warmth and power to effect change that come from creating and enjoying the most common word on Yale’s admissions brochure: community.

Yours in solidarity,
Anna Sudderth
Managing Editor

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