Herald Volume LXIII Issue 4

Dear Reader,

Though February is the shortest of the months, it always feels like the longest. Apart from the clutch snow day last week, the weather’s slowed us all down as we slog further along into 2017––there’s nothing I like more than slipping on black ice en route to my midterm. Read this issue not for a Valentine’s Day postmortem, but to break the mid-month inertia and start moving towards March.

In this week’s front, Rachel Calnek-Sugin, SM ’19, profiles a New Haven clock fixer. Calnek-Sugin’s piece turns back the clock, describing the prosperous life of industry that once characterized the Elm City, but also hinting at why some look to the past as a model for the future. Setting the clock to present day, Emily Ge, BK ’19, covers the renaming of Calhoun––it’s about time––and the christening of Grace Hopper College. One name that won’t be changing soon, though, is Handsome Dan: Clara De Pablo, BK ’19, has penned a study on the dogs of Yale.

And if you’re just looking for ways to pass the time, peruse the Culture section: Steph Barker, JE ’19, lauds the YUAG’s Josef and Anni Albers exhibit, and Victorio Cabrera, TC ’18, digs (perhaps too) deeply into the physics and psychoactives encircling the igloo on Cross Campus.

I’ll meet you there, dreaming of Spring Break.

With frosted tips and hardened nips,
Marc Shkurovich
Culture Editor

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