Herald Volume LXIII Issue 8

Morning Sunshines,

Welcome back from the thirty-minute-nap-turned-two-hour-slumber that is Yale’s Spring Break. Whether newly-rested or ready to snooze your way to summer, here we are: back to work, back to Partners, back to the roof of Phelps (shh, don’t tell YPD!), back to asking for funding—back, for better or worse, to Yale.

And for us at the Herald, back to content. In this week’s issue, you’ll find a cover story dedicated not only to the vital role women play in journalism on both Yale’s campus and beyond, but also to the variety of limitations and pitfalls folks have faced in their careers, young and old. On campus, former New Journal editor-in-chief, Elena Saavedra Buckley, SM ’18, advocates the importance of torch-passing. Sarah Stillman, YC ’06 and a staff writer at The New Yorker, reflects on how her experience of writing at Yale prepared her for a career in journalism. All in all, this compilation is at once a celebration of women who have already found their place in journalism and a call to action to others who have yet to find, or been allowed, theirs.

From the editorial board to the backboard, join Sarah Holder, SY ’17, as she recounts the Academics of Hillhouse High School’s A+ 2016-2017 athletic season. And speaking of academics, read Hector Hernandez’s take on the unique and necessary role of students of color in Directed Studies.

If you’re just searching for a story to peruse from the cross-campus bench you’ve planted yourself on for the afternoon, check out Culture’s blurb salad on the it’s-always-at-least-a-little-personal process of housing, a piece whose varied accounts can be connected by the through line traced by Nic Harris, BR, 18’, when he writes, “All in all, everyone gets through the housing process alive.”

Let’s hope.

To ~living~

Robert Newhouse

Opinion Editor

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