Herald Volume LXII Issue 1

On Jun. 13, Corey Menafee, a Yale dining hall worker, used a broomstick to shatter a stained glass window in Calhoun College depicting slaves picking cotton. Twenty-seven shards of glass fell to the ground. Menafee was arrested that same day on charges of first-degree criminal mischief, and second-degree reckless endangerment—a felony—and accused of being a danger to students.

While most Yale students were away from campus, New Haven’s activist communities took to the streets, the op-ed pages, and the even the New Haven courthouse in Menafee’s defense. The New Haven Independent broke the story on Jul. 11. The next day—the day of Menafee’s court appearance—50 demonstrators organized by the Unidad Latina en Acción arrived in his support.

Menafee’s case marks a turning point in which activism in the New Haven community has become intertwined with issues that, until now, have largely remained within the confines of Yale’s stone walls and gothic arches. In this week’s front, Sarah Holder, SY ’16, explores this intersection and its implications—for Yale affliliates and the broader New Haven community alike.

There’s lots more thought-provoking stuff for you in these pages. In one of our features this week, Gabby Deutch, BR ’18 investigates “Leo,” taking stock of the changes that have come with the fraternity’s disaffiliation from the SAE national chapter. In Reviews, Jordan Coley, SY ’16, breaks down Frank Ocean’s new album for us, and in Opinions, Kayla Bartsch, CC ’20, discusses why the Stanford hard alcohol ban might be a step in the right direction.

We’re so happy you’re back, and we hope you’ll join us in considering some of the issues that matter most to our school and city.

Love you guys,

Rachel Strodel


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