Herald Volume LXII Issue 7

Hey folks,

Earlier this week, I watched a couple make out on Cross Campus in the middle of the afternoon. They were sitting on a bench across the quad from me, and they were really going at it. I wonder whether they realized I was watching them. I suppose it is a fact of life on a college campus that you are constantly privy to other people’s private moments, in public.

In this week’s front, Sophie Dillon, DC ’17, breaks down her theories on the public/private divide, specifically as it relates to celebrity. From a history of the paparazzi to Kylie Jenner’s ubiquitous snapchat presence, she examines the nature of life in the public eye.

Elsewhere on social media (and in this issue), Emma Chanen, BK ’19, condemns slacktivism and the self-righteous slacktivist police on Facebook. Victorio Cabrera, TC ’18, introduces you to Lenny Paquette, a man learning from the loss of his niece. And if eroticism and thrills are what you’re after, check out Mariah Kreutter’s, BK ’20, take on The Handmaiden.

I guarantee there’s something in here for you. Take a seat somewhere comfy (maybe not on Cross Campus) and give it a read.

Hugs but not kisses,

Eve Sneider

Reviews Editor

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