Herald Volume LXII Issue 8

Last week, the Herald sent out a pitch asking someone to review election night like a movie. The idea was that on Tuesday at 8:00 p.m., we would all be sitting down for a screening. In an election season hijacked by television entertainment, reality shows and round-the-clock news, we would finally get something scripted. Sure, the run-time risked going long. Sure, there would be moments of suspense, surprise, and unease. But throughout it all, we could expect to watch something produced and directed, handled by the invisible gaffers and grips of American democracy. Credits would roll.

On Tuesday, the movie we watched unraveled away from its actors. Neither campaign anticipated the results. Newscasters touched at their screens, red-faced, flustered. We saw journalism, normally the apparatus delivering a clean and polished story, blushing and wanting the camera to be turned off itself.

As a weekly campus newspaper, our coverage can be different. Our spotlight roves, not fixed on any one moment or figure or feeling. In this issue of the Herald, Emma Chanen, BK ’19, sheds light on a class called Performance Behind Bars, in which Professor Ronald Jenkins teaches Dante’s Divine Comedy to inmates at the MacDougall-Walker Correctional Facility. Everest Fang, ES ’19, argues why Yale’s drug policy should be the same as its alcohol policy. Oriana Tang, SY ’19, considers what the election results mean for climate change, and Nic Harris, BC ’18, reflects on voting for the first time.

Tuesday night was also my first time voting in a presidential election. My hope was that it would look and feel like the last scene in The Breakfast Club. And although it certainly wasn’t Judd Nelson’s triumphant fist punching the air, it wasn’t without a determination of its own kind.

Together & always,

Frani O’Toole

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