Yale Herald Audio Issue 2016

The last time you heard my voice, we told you we were doing something different. Well, we’re back for another one. This time we have a full issue of the same Herald you love in audio form. You’re not just reading our writers’ work. You’re hearing their own voices.

Take Will Reid, PC ’19, for example. He pops that infamous Yale Bubble, drives just a little bit out of town, and listens to some political voices that we don’t often hear around here.

For Culture, Marc Shkurovich, BK ’19, takes us to visit the Freestyle Collective. In Voices, listen to some powerful poetry by Claire Sheen, SM ’19, and some prose by Coryna Ogunseitan, TC ’17,  that carries us to her father’s birthplace and back. You will laugh, maybe not cry, but you will definitely enjoy every second.

For The Yale Herald one last time,
Korinayo Thompson and Phoebe Petrovic
Audio Editors


Table of Contents:

Lead Stories

On New Haven’s fringes, Will Reid, PC ’19, meets the Trump voters who turned neighboring counties red.

Eve Sneider, MC ’19, introduces us to Richard Lalli, a music professor with an ear for art.


Recounting the story of her name, Coryna Ogunseitan, TC ’17, reflects on memories of her father’s home.

Claire Sheen, SM ’19, tries to get through to a friend.


Claire Elliman, DC ’20, unpacks the difficulty in deciding whether to call oneself a woman or a girl.

Seeking solace: Meghana Mysore, DC ’20, finds post-election comfort through reading.


Going with the flow, Marc Shkurovich, BK ’19, listens in on a campus freestyle collective.

Join Phoebe Petrovic, ES ’18, as she examines desk graffiti in Sterling study carrels.


Listen to Mariah Kreutter’s, BK ’20, disappointment with Gimme Danger, a rockumentary on the ’70s band The Stooges.

Revisit the late Leonard Cohen’s 1977 album Death of a Ladies’ Man with Chris Cappello, SM ’17.


Elias Bartholomew, DC ’17, composes an ode to the food left in his fridge over Thanksgiving break.

The Good Show rings in the holiday season with a game show miracle.

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