A Guide to Yale Dining Payment Options

There are few financial systems more complicated than the payment options for Yale Dining.

Until today, I thought that a Bursar was a racial slur, that Eli Bucks was a currency based on the market value of hummus cups, that Points were secretly awarded to students by the Durfee’s staff, and that Guest Swipes were for the uncivilized.

As a public service I have defined each of these terms. I still do not know, however, what VPN is or how to get it.


With Bursar, students can make purchases at Yale Dining locations that are then billed to their Yale Charge Account, a credit account that bills monthly. The Charge Account is accessible online through the Yale Dining website.

Eli Bucks:

Eli Bucks are drawn from a debit account that may be used at all residential college dining halls and all other Yale Dining facilities. Eli Bucks can be purchased online using a credit card at any time and in any amount.


Students with the “Anytime Meal Plan” are allotted $70-worth of Dining Points each semester. Points can be used Durfee’s, HGS Café, KBT, Marigolds, Divinity, and several other locations.

Bonus Meals:

The “Anytime Meal Plan” and the “Full Meal Plan” grant each student five bonus meals (often called guest swipes) each semester. You can use these swipes for anybody!


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