BREAKING: Famous Voynich Manuscript DECODED

The Manuscript (wikimedia commons)

The Voynich Manuscript is one of Beinecke Library’s prized possessions. It was written around the 15th century, and its name comes from Wilifrid M. Voynich, the man who acquired it in 1912. But that is pretty much all the public knows about it! The manuscript contains a completely UNKNOWN text!

Linguistics PhDs and the cast of MythBusters have been trying to decode the Voynich language for decades. No one has succeeded… Until Now. After months of research and lots of Nicholas Cage-esque montages, the Bullblog has finally deciphered the famous Voynich Manuscript.

Here is the shocking introduction:


“We the People of the civilization of Mesobeytamia, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do foresee and ordain the coming of a prophet.

On the 13th day of December, in the year 2013, this messiah will descend and release musical recordings. These recordings will be heard around the world, and they will shed light on the meaning of self, the existence of a higher power, and how to lose the baby weight in under 3 months.

We have established a secret order to preserve and protect the safety of Queen Bey, the immortal and everlasting oracle. This order has been decreed the Illuminati (HOVA).

Inexorably, mysterious events leading up the coming of Bey will confuse future populations. Fear not, citizens of Earth: the lost city of Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle, the Windings font, and Roswell are merely cover-ups. The Illuminati has vowed to guard the welfare of Yoncé (as her disciples know her), but mishaps will occur.

This manuscript provides the key to unlocking the immortal Beyoncé’s word: play the musical album backwards while engaging in the ritualistic act of twerking in order to understand the truth in life, death, and beyond.”



CRAZY right?! Well, we did it. We know the truth; the truth in everything:

Khloe Kardashian was adopted.

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  1. Eva says:

    Some of this seems to be correct; however, some of this seems to be over dramatized and it doesn’t seem to have any meaning. like how would they really know what twerking is? i know they might have had a lot of knowledge but however there are some things even the Illuminati can not know. Could they have known about the blood moons? This is all mind boggling but makes perfect sense at the same time. I am very curious as to how a few of the words were decoded.

  2. Николай says:

    Good day!
    My name is Nikolai.
    To a question about the key to the Voynich manuscript.
    Today, I have to add on this matter following.
    The manuscript was written no letters, and signs for the letters of the alphabet of one of the ancient languages. Moreover, in the text there are 2 more levels of encryption to virtually eliminate the possibility of computer-assisted translation, even after replacing the signs letters.
    I pick up the key by which the first section I was able to read the following words: hemp, hemp clothing; food, food (sheet of 20 numbering on the Internet); cleaned (intestines), knowledge may wish to drink a sugary drink (nectar), maturation (maturity), to consider, to think (sheet 107); drink; six; flourishing; growing; rich; peas; sweet drink nectar and others. It is only a short word, mark 2-3. To translate words consisting of more than 2.3 characters is necessary to know this ancient language.
    If you are interested, I am ready to send more detailed information, including scans of pages indicating the translated words.
    Sincerely, Nicholas.

  3. Tom O'Neil says:

    To me it’s a numbers game and I have been met with huge criticism here for this, but the Voynich now screams out with numbers. Yes I have tried Italian and Latin with null results. The reason why languages don’t work is just the fact that it is in numbers and sentence structure never occurs, because verbs, adjectives nouns, pronouns and prepositions don’t come together correctly for any language due to the fact of glyph arrangement. That is not to say there is no structure, but all these years the approach may have concluded it was not in numerology. On top of this mess of running concurrent word doubles and triples and weird glyph arrangements with some sentences that have the same glyph openings for sentences in many rows or columns. How many token endings with an 89 will wake you guys up? (o=6, 9=9, 8=8, 4=4, e=5, and a=1)

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