Bullblog tip-off: CHIPOTLE IS COMING


You read it here first: The Bullblog has it on good authority that Chipotle‘s coming to New Haven! Construction is going on at 900 Chapel Street, at the corner of Temple; a notice in the window confirms that the former site of Caffé Bottega is undergoing work as part of a plan to “Renovate vacant restaurant for new Chipotle Mexican Grille” (sic).

Who even knows the full implications of this development for Yale students? Of course it presents incentive to venture in that direction (not that the offerings at Edible Arrangements weren’t temptation enough!). But for students who miss the comfort and crispy tacos of their home Chipotle franchises — not to mention those who have been indulging their guacamole cravings by traveling to other towns in Connecticut in search of Chipotle — this is gonna be a game changer. With Chipotle’s New Haven arrival imminent, suddenly everything looks real cloudy with a chance of burritos.

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