Game Season has officially begun


The end of Princeton-Yale tailgate weekend means that it is now officially what some people (honestly, we’re still undecided) consider The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. That’s right, it’s Harvard-Yale season, the excitement of which will culminate at The Game on Nov. 17. This year, everyone’s favorite college sporting event will be held at Harvard, which means we’ll have to travel for our athletics fix. Ugh.

But as numerous sages would remind us, making the journey up to Cambridge can have its rewards. Take this YD”N” column, whose wisdom still rings true two years after its publication. Check out some particularly salient quotes below — they’re just a few of the reasons that the nation’s oldest on-again-off-again college daily wants us to get pumped for this weekend:

    • I half expected Harvard to be some sort of dystopian enclave where happiness had been utterly eradicated. What I found was something else entirely.
    • That night, I played pong with a future financial analyst at Goldman Sachs, danced with a member of the Boston Ballet and joked with a senior from Austria about the European club scene. When we ventured out later that night, we found a lot of parties — and they were all packed.
    • Soon enough, I found myself twirling along with a tireless Crimson carnival that paused only for an astonishingly hot breakfast. Despite everything I’d heard, Harvard students were loads of fun and more than hospitable.
    • Harvard students, I contend, are the closest thing you will find to Yale students outside of New Haven. They, too, like to think deeply and live voraciously. Even in a party setting, that means more than we’d like to admit.
    • There was a time when I would have been able connect with students in Chestnut Hill as easily as students in Cambridge, but no longer. As our experiences shape us, they determine those to whom we can best relate — a thought which is both invigorating and frightening.

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