Herald Volume LXIII Issue 7

Fellow spring breakers,

It’s clear that Yale Dining is an endless source of intrigue in the typical undergraduate experience. Shared meals form a collective identity for the student body, framing decisions about how and why we eat in the context of lunchtime ice cream, chicken tenders, and illicit midnight bowls of cereal (some dining halls are better secured than others, okay?). You are what you eat, and yet you’re also what your friends eat.

But although our residential college dining halls provide a seemingly endless stream of either monotony (zucchini, go kill yourself) or bewilderment (teriyaki jackfruit?), few do more than mock perceived blunders. Kudos to Marc Shkurovich, BK ’19, for braving this new frontier with a front that considers Yale’s approach to sustainable food, from inside the dining halls to beyond.

In other news, it seems that the rest of the issue has followed the lead of our nation’s new EPA–who needs actual science when you can have actual not science? Just ask Nolan Phillips, TC ’18, and Rubi Macias, TC ’18, who give us the lowdown on best campus séance locales. Fuck climate change, we bought a ouija board on Amazon. Not to mention those birth charts–I know at least one went to Charlie Bardey, SM ’17, who if you ask me is an Aries in deep denial. Typical fire signs, am I right?

But no matter what your feelings on fruit-as-meat or on Sagittarius / Capricorn compatibility, we hope you enjoy this week’s issue. Wherever you are for spring break, whether beach or Peruvian volunteer mission, we wish you safe travels and a nice, comfortable hangover.

To freedom,

Emily Ge

Opinion Editor

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