Herald Volume LXIII Issue 9

Hey Babes,

I’ve never played intramural sports at Yale. I used to love sports—especially basketball—but in high school, as a closeted, self-hating lesbian, I distanced myself from them. When Caltech tried to recruit me for basketball in ninth grade, I quit the team in fear that such an association would out me. Five years later, I am now a proud lesbian, and I never grew past 5’3” so I couldn’t have even played basketball anyway.

In this week’s front, Jacob Sweet, HC ’18, turns his attention to some people who haven’t shied away from their basketball prowess—or lack thereof. Sweet’s piece explores the booming subculture of intramurals at Yale and what it means to embrace your mediocrity.

Speaking of mediocrity, check out the review of Khalid’s unexceptional new album, American Teen, by Gabe Rojas, MC ’19. And speaking of American teens, Jack Kyono, PC ’20, writes about marijuana usage and legalization in Connecticut. Elsewhere, in Culture, Elizabeth Miles, JE ’17, explores the YUAG’s Modern Art from the Middle East exhibition, which presents a side of the region that’s too often overlooked.

I love you,

Hannah Offer

Features Editor


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