Look Who’s Talking


If you didn’t know who Richard Sherman was a week ago, you probably do now.

Sherman, the self-proclaimed “best corner (back) in the game (football),” will also be featured in Fox anchor Erin Andrews’ dreams every night for the rest of her life. Sherman’s twenty second post game rant, after Sunday’s NFC championship, has made him the most watched man in America, giving Chris Christie a break from being the center of attention, allowing the governor to finally get back to the gym.

After earning his team a spot in the Super Bowl with a game winning interception, Sherman told Andrews, “Don’t you ever talk about me!”

So my big question is, why is everybody talking about Richard Sherman right now!?!  Even my grandma has been tweeting about how Richard Sherman is the Kanye West of the NFL.  In my opinion, she and the rest of America are just asking Sherman to shut their mouths for them.  His words, not mine.

Perhaps a more effective tactic would have been for Sherman to tell everybody to always talk about him. Classic reverse psychology.   I mean come on, Richard, you know that if you tell us not to do something that we are going to try it once or twice, just to see how it makes us feel.  And guess what? It feels so good.

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