Mad Men’s Final Season to Premiere Sunday 10PM

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

For those of you like me whose mommys won’t let them cast eyes on the sex, violence, and gore of Game of Thrones, you’re in luck! Mad Men, the AMC historical drama long thought of as the heir to the Sopranos throne, whose plot is driven by character development and non twitter-exploding plot twists, is back.

We were last left off with Don beginning his “mandatory leave of absence.” So… the most exciting part of the show (Don kicking ass in the office with minimal to zero effort) seems to have disappeared. Maybe we’ll just get to see Don/Dick become a good dad who doesn’t sleep with anything that moves… YAWN.

Sit back and enjoy what is likely to be another lull filled season with a glass of scotch. It’s what Don would want.

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