Strahan Debuts on Good Morning America, Gap-Teeth Live On

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In an apparent move to completely corner the gap-toothed aficionado market soon to be vacated by CBS upon David Letterman’s retirement, ABC is giving Michael Strahan as much airtime as possible. Already the current co-host of “Live With Kelly and Michael” which airs right after “Good Morning America”, Strahan is set to join the gang of gals of GMA (it’s what the true fans call it) a couple of days a week.

The cast greeted him with an alarm clock and a giant coffee mug! I get it! ‘Cuz the show’s earlier! I’m surprised he didn’t spike it and then sack George Stephanopoulos through the glass window and into Times Square.

I guess the 7x Pro Bowler has come along way.

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