Herald Volume LXIII Issue 6

Hey friends,

Man, it must suck to be Obama right now. Can you imagine? In less than two months, Donald Trump is well on his way to systematically dismantling everything our boy Barry spent eight long, hard, taxing years putting in place, and then some. I know, I know… you don’t need me to tell you this. Still, I can’t help but say it. The historical moment we’re living in is nonsensical and distressing and whack.

Just over a week ago, President Trump and his administration rescinded rules allowing transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice, a major setback for the trans community, and the country. In this week’s front, Mrinal Kumar, SM ’18, examines the newly launched Gender-Affirming Surgery Program at the Yale School of Medicine. The first of its kind in New England, this program is a major boon for the trans community, now more than ever.

This week, we’re tackling a number of big issues here at Yale. Gabe Rissman, ES ’17, and Russell Heller, TD ’19, ask Yale about its ties to ExxonMobil, which funds climate change denial and was formerly headed by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Elsewhere, Sophia Natalia-Krohn, BR ’20, asks why we aren’t devoting more attention and resources to drug policy on campus. And check out a series of voices on the power and necessity of We Are Proud to Present in Reviews.

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