At the tracks

Graphic by Haewon Ma

If I could fill a pool with memories

And swim in them forever,

I would re-meet everyone I’ve known

Some kind, some shrill, some clever.


I would re-watch the chilly football games

And re-run every race.

I’d pour my heart into every key

And take my bows with grace.


If I could paddle through the moments

And relive those autumn nights,

I’d witness adults grow young again

By glow of bonfire light.


I would re-watch every movie

With Kristin and with Chad.

I’d re-drive to that party,

Drink the first beer I’d ever had.


I’ve stargazed in a bluegrass field,

Swum in Barren River Lake,

Spent a midnight at the art museum,

And too many at Steak ‘n Shake.


If I could dive into the good old times,

Like a falling drop of rain,

I’d cause ripples on the surface,

Welling up forgotten pain.


I’d re-pull every all-nighter,

Feel the gravel in my knees.

I’d hug my mom so tight, so tight

After every taunt and tease.


Growing up’s a speeding train,

And not all the journey’s bliss.

It moves at such a breakneck pace

leaves only memories I miss.


For memories cannot persist,

Not even in the heart.

They must be altered, blurred, abridged,

Mere plot points on a chart.


In spite of what they tell me,

That I’ve been blessed by fortune’s kiss,

For now, I’m orphaned at the tracks

With only memories I miss.


For now, I’m orphaned at the tracks

With only memories I miss

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