Early this morning

Early this morning


I open my mouth and there is a pen.

The pen is green and alive.

I leave it jammed in like a stethoscope.

It feels like a finger pointing

To the back of my throat

Where two moths are flitting

Around in a mist of purple glitter.

The pen starts to sing to me

A Turkish lullaby:

Seni seviyorum,

Seni seviyorum,

Words cannot describe.

Life is short and bitter,

And words cannot describe.

I swallow the notes half-heartedly,

But something bursts through my lips.

The pen is green and alive.

It grows from underneath my tongue.

Tiny buds explode,

And trees wriggle from my ears.

In my skull it’s raining,

And a hill of new sunflowers

Bow their heads like slaves.

And my pen whispers

That all the lullaby means

Is a single silver earring buried

A mile beneath the dirt.

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