How to be lonely

Graphic by Sheiran Phu

I. Do not think about your loneliness as an entity separate from yourself. Allow it to consume you. Give yourself to it, but be gentle; it is more afraid than you are. There is comfort in oblivion.

II. Long for the sea. How broad and deep and blue it is, how singular, how full of strange things! No man is an island; we are each of us an ocean on a different earth. Our separateness is not constructed but innate.

III. Walk among half empty streets. Allow your solitude to be conspicuous even as you go unnoticed. If it is dark, let there be darkness; if it is light, let there be light.

IV. Drink a glass of water and eat an apple. Marvel at the freshness of both. Leave the core inside the empty glass and allow it to rot.

V. Notice how blank spaces dissolve. A white wall becomes pinpricks of difference, shifting, moving, creating false texture. The universe is made of isolated points. There is no such thing as a line.

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