I’ll get back to you!


Mon, Mar 6, 11:40 AM

Hey Max, I was wondering if you would want
to grab a meal sometime? It’s been a while
since I’ve seen you*, and it’d be great to
catch up.

Hey Dev, that sounds great! This
week is horrible for me, though.
Maybe try next Sunday for brunch?

That works for me! How about Pierson at 12:30?

Perfect. See you then.

Friday 2:26 PM

Hey Max, just wanted to touch base and see if
we were still on for brunch this Sunday.

Sunday 12:36 PM

Hey, I got us some spots in Pierson if you still
plan on coming. Let me know!

Sunday 7:40 PM

Oh my god, Dev—I’m so sorry.
I just now got your last two texts,
and I realize I forgot to tell you about this
thing that came up at the last minute.
any way I can make it up to you with
dinner this Tuesday? Are you free then?

Haha yeah, no problem. I totally understand.
How about Davenport this time for dinner

Davenport. 6 pm?

That works for me. See you then.

Yesterday 6:04 PM

Hey Max, I got us some spots. Lmk when
You get here.

Yesterday 7:10 PM

Okay look, if you didn’t want to get a meal with
me, whatever. No need to leave me hanging
twice, alright?

Today 10:26 AM

No, it’s not that! I’m so sorry
Dev, it’s just been really crazy
for me. We will definitely get
a meal, I promise you.

You know your read receipts are turned
on, right? I know you read my
last few messages. You didn’t
“just get them” Sunday night.

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  1. Xinyuan Chen says:

    yo Greg you want to grab a meal?

  2. Xinyuan Chen says:

    Yo Greg still waiting

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