Three-part romance

Graphic by Haewon Ma


In my city of questions,

you wove all the answers

into the seams of your umbrella

and set the rain

in motion.

I turned the corner and fell

into the mist,

as I have been lost

in you before.




when the wind made you cry?

It didn’t whisper melancholy in your ears, no—

it cut through you, and

you could not stop

the tears from falling

in line.

I told you to shut

one eye, but

you kept them both

wide open

looking for soft things

in the breeze.



Take your wet hands

off my throat.

Was I supposed to ask permission

to breathe?

If I had known, I might have stayed

in the dark of the belly,

where the air was

my own.

Tomorrow I’ll wear your

lies on my face;

maybe then,

I’ll look

the part.

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