Vignettes from the women’s march

1. 58 port-a-potties were lined up in neat parallel rows. In the middle, a Bikers for Trump insignia jutted fifteen feet in the air, accompanied by a stage. A man in a suit posed for a picture in front while holding a sign. “Grab him by dick,” it said.
2. A shirtless man with a long beard danced around a group of religious protesters who shouted through megaphones and waved signs warning about hell. After amassing a crowd, the shirtless man confronted the religious group’s leader, extending his middle finger as he poured a bottle of Jack Daniels onto his bare chest.
3. A child drinking from a sippy cup sat atop the shoulders of his father. Two pink pussy hats: one large, one small.
4. On top of a white U.S. Park Police vehicle, a dozen protesters chanted “IUDs will outlast Trump.” At one point, the car’s antenna snapped. Later on, a woman sat down on the hood to smoke a joint. A man with a Canon shot the picture: the wind blowing her blue-tipped hair, the plume drifting off to the side, her eyes looking out at the thousands of protesters below.
5. A 12-year-old girl climbed on top of the vehicle next to a woman wearing a backwards-turned baseball cap and bandana. The woman asked the girl to suggest a chant, but she wouldn’t speak. Thirty minutes later, the crowd began yelling “women’s rights are human rights.” The girl searched in the crowd and shouted at a woman five feet away, “Mom, mom I started that!”
6. After a group yelled “Hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go,” a college student yelled, “Hey hey, art hoe, doc mar-tens have got to go.” He was wearing aviators.
7. In a sea of pink hats and white posters, a few traffic lights protruded from the masses. One held a young boy and girl. On another, a man with a flat cap wrapped his legs around the pole. On the last, two men sat on top, one with a camera dangling from his neck and the other just above a no parking sign. Below, the crosswalk sign flashed a red, blinking hand.
8. As the protesters began to march, thousands filed between two twenty-foot-tall black gates positioned on the edges of Jefferson Drive. The cardboard sign “Mourning in America” remained untouched, leaning against the wall as the bottom touched the asphalt below.
9. A boy sat in between the branches of a tree sucking on a ring pop while the protesters marched. “You’re orange, you’re gross, you lost the popular vote,” he shouted, and hundreds below him echoed his words.
10. Near the periphery, the signs included “The End Is Near When Corporate And Foreign Powers Take Over,” “1 Person, 1 Vote,” and “Grab Back,” among others. In the middle of the crowd, a chubby adolescent boy held a sign of his own, repeating the phrase aloud. “Coachella Sucks,” he shouted. “Really, the lineup is terrible this year.”
11. An elderly woman sat on a bench with a walker, facing towards the marchers as they went onward. An elderly man next to her, presumably her partner, sat in a lawn chair. They both held a single sign that read “Hear Our Voice.”
12. Blocks away from the protest and crowds, someone placed the sign “We Shall Overcomb” on the outer body of the trash can, carefully tucked between the metal bars so it wouldn’t fly away. The inside was filled with posters that had been shoved towards the bottom, with some overflowing from the top. The recycling bin was empty.

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