Herald Volume LXIII Issue 11: The Audio Issue

Hi there,

My name is Will Reid, and I’m the Herald’s audio editor. This week we’re coming at you with something a little different. You may remember from last term: it’s the Audio Issue!

In our lead story, you’ll hear skilled musicians and less skilled ones. But don’t judge them too harshly—they’re younger than you are. Our producer, Carmen Baskauf, visits Music Haven, a local charity that provides instrument lessons and music classes to underprivileged youth.

In our other feature, you’ll accompany Xinyuan Chen as he tracks down some new classroom tech that blurs the line between reality and the digital world.

Elsewhere you’ll find exhortations and explorations, aspersions and diversions. Hear Migs Graber-Sage, ES ’19, call on her fellow students to make the most of their time in the classroom. Follow Eli Rami, ES ’19, as he checks out the rhymes and rhythms of the hip-hop block party. And listen to Agnes Enhktamir, SY ’19, read a romance that will make your skin crawl, featuring a scream by yours truly.

As the world goes up in smoke, take a seat and listen for a while. This is the Audio Issue.

Table of Contents

Lead story

From Suzuki to Vivaldi: Carmen Baskauf, SY ’17, captures the sounds of New Haven’s youngest musicians in her exploration of Music Haven.


Xinyuan Chen, JE ’17, tracks down some new classroom tech that’s blurring the boundary between fact and fiction.


Follow Eli Rami, ES ’19, to spit, break, and hang at the Hip-Hop Bloq Party.


Agnes Enkhtamir, SY ’19, reads sultry, sadistic radio drama.

Dylan Lesko, BK ’19, interviews Stefan Colton, BK ’19, about his newly released Vaporwave-meets-spoken word album.


Margaret “Migs” Graber-Sage, ES ’19, exhorts her peers to shut their laptops and listen up.

Lydia Buonomano, DC ’20, reflects on the state of Yale’s resources for aspiring writers.


Sam Kruyer, BK ’19, revisits a childhood favorite with the recent season of Samurai Jack.

Join Herald editors Emma Chanen, BK ’19, and Hannah Offer, JE ’19, as they dive into an episode of MTV’s The Challenge, which leads them down a rabbit hole of all your favorite TV shows. Don’t miss it. This is Red Hot Take, episode 1.

Nerd Alert! Tracy Chung, PC ’19, and Tyler Hart, BR ’19, join Emma in the studio to discuss Marvel’s Iron Fist and the Marvel Netflix universe in Red Hot Take, episode 2.


Celebrate 4/20 with Brad and Sandy, two stoners who host a talk show about “interacting with weed in complex ways.” Produced by Gian-Paul Bergeron, TD ’17, and Zoë Loewenberg, ES ’18.

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