Lesbian Call Me By Your Name

I. Elinor and Olivia sit in Elinor’s father’s study.

Father: Alhambra, alcalde, alcohol — so many of the words we use on a daily basis derive from the Arabic prefix “Al.” (Father gestures to an apricot in Elinor’s hand.) Even our favorite “Albacoca!”

(Olivia mutters something under her breath.)

Father: What’s that?

Olivia: Oh! Me? Nothing.

Father: It seems like you have something to say.

Olivia: Pfft.

Father: Please explain!

Olivia: Okay so I know this is probably wrong, I’m going to sound so stupid when I say it, and I’m literally already regretting that I chose to express this thought, but [concise explanation about the correct genealogy of the term]. I know that probably makes no sense.

Father: Correct!

Olivia: Please respect me.

II. Elinor watches Olivia play rugby from the edge of the field. Olivia scores a goal and runs over to get a drink of water. She grabs the bottle from Elinor and pinches her shoulder. Elinor pulls away.

Olivia: What? Did I pinch a nerve?

Elinor: Huh? I’m okay.

Olivia: Hold this. (Hands Elinor the bottle.) Trust me, I’m about to be a doctor.

Olivia massages Elinor’s shoulders too hard. Elinor passes out.

Olivia: I should really think of a new move.

III. Elinor, alone, exploring Olivia’s room. She finds a pair of Olivia’s boots — Blundstones.

Elinor: Oh!

She lifts the boots from the floor to her face, and inhales sensually.

IV. Elinor, alone in an attic, sprawled out on an old mattress. She turns the radio on. A cucumber at her side. She looks at it for a moment.

Elinor: Hm. Wonder how that got there.

She pulls a vibrator out and uses it instead.

V. Elinor and Olivia lie together, post coitus.

Olivia: Call me by your name, and I’ll call you by mi–

Elinor: That’s the gayest shit I’ve ever heard.