Vol. XIX, Issue II

Hey friendos,

Let’s face it. February is a subpar month, especially when it’s not a leap year. But the good news is that temperatures on Sunday might actually be in the 40s, which, I guess, warrants leaving your bedroom. So shake off those winter blues and take a lap around campus. It’s good to get some air, you know?

In this week’s front, Fiona Drenttel, BF ’20, takes a walk with higher stakes than your average evening stroll. The Point-In-Time count is a volunteer effort to estimate how many homeless people are on New Haven streets, and a separate Youth Count aims to do the same for more vulnerable and harder to identify populations. These numbers are critical for determining the state of homelessness in the city, but the unavoidably inaccurate process still leaves some frustrated.

Elsewhere, in Features, Marc Shkurovich, BK ’19, explores the popular Snackpass app keeping Yale students fed (and in possession of chicks). In Culture, Everest Fang, ES ’20, dives into the world of tattoo art at the New Haven Museum. And in Opinions, Linus Lu, DC ’19, asks us to reconsider the academic regulations that give rise to gut classes.

Look, if I’m being honest, there’s a 100% chance of rain on Sunday, so maybe don’t go outside after all. There’s an upside though: it’s the perfect weather for cozying up with a wonderful issue of the Herald.

Happy Groundhog Day,
Nicole Mo
Managing Editor