Vol. XIX, Issue III

Dear lovers (of Harold),

Happy Valentine’s Day! I know it’s a few days early, but we just didn’t want you to forget how important it is to be codependent.

In the front, Nicole Mo, BK ’19, traces the stories of Yale weddings from the university’s co-education to the present. From first eye contact to “I do,” and even to divorce, these couples comprise a look into the intersection of the institution of higher education and the institution of marriage.

In Features, Elliot Wailoo, SY ’21, narrates the vital importance of New Haven’s new warming centers through the lives of their residents and employees. The Culture section boasts a spread of anonymous V-Day confessions if you’re feeling indulgent; or turn to Opinions to learn from Tereza Podhajská, SY ’21, why you shouldn’t give up on this holiday just yet.

Whether you subscribe to labels or not, pick a loved one and give them a snuggle this week. Or, just hand them a copy of the Herald and they’ll drop to one knee. As you read this letter, Harold is pining over you.

Forever yours,

Margaret (Migs) Grabar Sage

Managing Editor