Vol. XVIII, Issue II

Hey folks!

By the time you read this, we will have finished our fourth week of classes. Auditions have drawn to a close, Shopping Period is a thing of the past, and all of a sudden it feels like summer never really happened. It’s official, guys: we’re settling in.

In this week’s front, Jack Kyono, PC ’20, addresses another, oft-overlooked experience of Yale: that of the University’s employees. The product of two types of Yale legacy, that of alumni and that of employees, he revisits his grandfather’s 36 years as a Yale welder to illustrate how the people who built our hallowed halls see and are seen.

The question of what it means to find a place at Yale looms large elsewhere in this issue, too. In Features, Brittany Menjivar, ES ’21, examines the future of gender-segregated a capella. And you don’t stand a chance at fitting in here if you didn’t hear Leonardo DiCaprio and John Kerry in conversation earlier this week at the Yale Climate Conference, an event covered by Mark Rosenberg, PC ’20.

Whether you’re well in the thick of things or still easing in, I hope this week’s Herald gets you thinking anew about your place at Yale. We hope it’s a good one. We hope the Herald is there too.

Yours very truly,

Eve Sneider

Managing Editor

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